Ovo su najdruštvenije pasmine mačaka

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Ovo su najdruštvenije pasmine mačaka

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Svaka mačka je posebna, ali one narančaste boje smatraju se najdruštvenijima. Iako je to nemoguće dokazati, istraživači pasmina mačaka ove boje primijetili su određene osobine ponašanja.

Konkretno, studija iz Kopenhagena provedena 1995. godine utvrdila je da su mačke narančaste boje češće u ruralnim sredinama, da češće prilaze ljudima, kao i da su sklone riziku i vjerojatnije je da će smrtno stradati.

Iako svoje otkriće nisu mogli objasniti, znanstvenici vjeruju da gen koji daje krznu narančastu boju ima utjecaj na instinktivne navike mačaka.

Evo nekoliko pasmina mačaka koje se smatraju najdruštvenijima, neovisno o boji njihove dlake.

1. Egzotična kratkodlaka mačka

2. Škotski fold

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Chilling #scottischfold #feet

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3. Ragdoll

4. Abesinska mačka

5. Ruska plava mačka

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Did you know that most people only read the first few sentences of a photo caption before determining whether it is the type of content they are hungry to consume while spending their hard earned free time on social media? 🤔 An adorable picture helps to grab attention, but the caption is really what makes or breaks my connection with each and every one of YOU…the chosen ones who do more than just double click the photo and move on to the next beautiful cat in the lineup. 😹 If you made it this far, the rest of this post is going to be a real treat. 💃 I've kept it a great secret but yours truly, Dad 1 AND DAD 2 are going to be interviewed by some amazing people and will be on a panel with famous cats that a lot of you already follow and we're doing it all as part of @Basepaws first big Cat Behavior Summit 😁 The panel is about Dating a Cat Purrson and frankly, both of my dads have some experience with that…they've been together for 15 years and still haven't gotten around to getting married! (I think they were waiting for the perfect flower girl and HERE I AM) 🤣 It's moderated by Leigh D'Angelo (@leigh.dangelo) and will also feature the ultra famous Nathan the Cat Lady @nathanthecatlady (not Dad 1 who is coincidentally also a Nathan and a cat lady 😅) and some FABULOUS catfluencers including Mick & Klaus @theklauscat and @cappy_bear from Instacat and Max & Coconut Shramp from Tik Tok! (Dad 1 is too old to figure out how to make me famous there, sorry!) 🤪 ⁠ ⁠ ❣️Wanna know something even more exciting? I'm giving away three free tickets to YOU (and if you're reading this on Facebook, come on over to Instagram to participate!). 😍 Here's how you win:⁠ ⁠ 1) Caption this photo in the comments⁠ 2) Vote on the captions (get your friends to help if you need, this summit is gonna be great) 3) The top three after about 24 hours will be offered free tickets care of your bff Teeny Dina aka Dina Bear aka DJ Half Court Violation aka Silverlocks and the Two Bears⁠ ⁠ Now get to it! Make fun of me, make fun of Dad 1 (but leave Dad 2 alone, he's a very kind and sweet man), and win yourself entry to this awesome event! <3 – Dinaboo

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6. Tonkinška mačka

7. Sveta Birma

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When we bring Rio to the park 🌲, his first goal is always the same ! Find a tree in order to see what is going on around him 🧐. Once the tree goal is reached we can start playing 😺. TS : Lorsqu'on emmène Rio au parc 🌲, c'est toujours la même histoire ! 1ère chose à faire, grimper à un arbre pour voir tout ce qui se trame autour de lui 🧐. Une fois chose faite, on peut commencer à jouer 😺. . . . . . . . . . #caturday #catbeauty #fluffycat #fluffy #birmancat #catstagram #catlife #chaton #chat #catpaw #cutekitty #cutecat #catlover #catlady #ladycat #sacredebirmanie #kittycat #kittykitty #kitty #kittygram #kitten #kittens_of_world #gatito #gatosfofos #gato_cats #gatodeinstagram #kawaii #kittenstagram #gatitosbebes

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8. Burmanska mačka

9. Sijamska mačka

10. Somalijska mačka


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