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Foto: Commonwealth Games Australia 

                                                                                     Pictura sine verbis poema est (Lat.)
                                                                               A painting is a wordless poem!


After all the ups and downs that life had brought me, things were becoming slow and much more tranquil. So, I decided to move away from the daily traffic jams and gray, cold winters of the overcrowded,  continental, Western Sydney. Move, but where?

The advertisment says “Where else but Queensland”, the Australian sunshine state! And consequently “Where else” but the Gold Coast, a jewel in the crown!

There was another, more personal, romantic and deeply emotional reason. I wanted to, for the third time in my life, live in a city hosting an internationally important sporting event. This time it will be the XXI Commonwealth Games 2018, commonly known as ‘Gold Coast 2018’.

The first time was Sarajevo – the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – in 1984, when the city hosted the XIV Olympic Winter Games. Honorable Juan Antonio Samaranch, at that time the President of International  Olympic Committee, pronounced them as the best-organized Winter Games in the history of the Olympic movement. “Rhapsody in white”, snow-covered mountains, joy and hope. We used to smile very often in those days. Eight years later, broadcast live through CNN cameras, the “World” witnessed the brutal, barbaric siege and destruction of my hometown. An Olympic city, in the heart of Europe.


Archive Photo – Sarajevo 1984, The Oppening Ceremony

Sydney 2000, XXVII Summer Olympics, commonly known as the Millenium Olympic Games. Spectacular! One moment of this fairytale event was captured and preserved for all times by my dear friend and countrywomen, International Master in art, Madam Nadia Fazlic. Her artistic imagination expressed in unique three-dimensional painting (“sculpture on the canvas”) was simply named “Cathy Freeman”. Cathy lays on the Harbour Bridge, symbolically connecting all nations in the world. Behind sits the Opera

House – a masterpiece of a new era. An Australian Aboriginal woman on the roof of the world. Who can forget the opening night? Cathy in her running suit, proudly approaches with the Olympic torch in hand. All eyes are fixed on her. She lights the Olympic flame rising high above, water pouring all around. Symbolism of a biblical magnitude. A descendent of the oldest civilisation on the planet, surrounded by water and fire. Meaningful spirit of Olympism and universal ethical values, sports without barriers and any kind of discrimination.


Photo: M. Maslic –  Cathy Freeman


Sweet memories, but back to reality. I found and bought a unit with incredible water views. The person who offered it to me, swore that a property with such an amazing location does not come around very often. In an imaginary line of around one hundred metres there is a river, a tropical garden with pools and spas and just across the road, sits a blue and lazy Pelican Cove. Should I trust him? I had no reason not to.

As an extra favour, only 14 kilometres away is the Sanctuary Cove, a green, sunny, peaceful marvel of the subtropics but also the epicentre of the fine arts. In the charming Marina Village, in Promenade Street, any visitor will find “Dalazzo Art”, a gallery studio of a famous Australian artistic family. Louis Dalazzo – “Australian landscape specialist”, his spouse Lucette – “Painter of the soul” and daughter Judith – multitalented “Art dreamer”, are contemporary artists with their unique and recognizable painting styles. Altogether, it is obvious, they share the same passion, emotions and inventiveness in all aspects of life.  Their works of art notably contribute to the impression and entirely positive picture of the Gold Coast magic.

When The Roses Bloom61x91cmMediumOilCollageCanvasJudith Dalozzo

                                                                                                                             Photo: J. Dalozzo – When The Roses Bloom (Judith Dalozzo)

I renovated this dream apartment to suits my taste and creativity. When one is busy, time flies quickly and the April start of the Commonwealth Games is not far away. In any case, I will be in some way involved in the event, whether as a voluntary driver, a guide, a translator, a journalist or simply as a host to my friends from other parts of Australia and overseas.  I want to share the natural beauty of the Gold Coast with them, but at the same time embrace my duties of a loud and enthusiastic supporter of all Australian teams. I’m sure I’ll be ready for that!




From Gold Coast with love!

Mr Mick Maslic

Master of Technical Sciences

Freelance Author


Mr Mick Maslic
Autor/ica 17.9.2017. u 13:10